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Nick(Name): Cory
Age: 19
Country: Canada
First/Started riding: Approx. 8 years old.
First Mount: First horse I ever sat on was a TB at the track. The pony I rode in my very first lesson was a little grey welsh pony by the name of Tweety Pye.
Favourite breed: TBs and WBs
Name of Current Mount: Hmm, no current mount at the moment. Horse I use to ride was Secret Storm (Stormy) but he's lame (but possibly better now). Last horse I rode was horse I ride? Who knows!
If you have any horses, what are their names? Brief descripts. are cool =) : Don't own any horses.

Bio/Other: My dad use to train racehorses, so I'd always go down to the track when I was younger. Then, when my sister always went to ranches, I would insist on doing the pony rides. When I was 8 years old, my parents put me in riding lessons, but only like, once a month. Started riding once a week, then twice a week, but after four years of riding at the same place, I didn't really learn much. So I changed coaches, to someone my dad use to know at the track. I started riding with her around when I was 12, and have been with her ever since. I show hunter/jumper, in the local A and B rated circuits, but this year traveled out of the province to go show at Spruce Meadows. I've never owned my own horse. I either lease horses, or ride my coach's sales horses. It's hard, because I'm always switching horses, but by riding so many different types of horses, it makes me a better rider. I mainly show in jumpers, but might have a chance to show in the medals later on in the year.
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