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hi ya

Nick(Name: (joanna) Jo I'm primagina on EQ
Age: 17
Country: USA
First/Started riding: 8 years ago
First Mount: ELVIS!
Favourite breed: I cant pick just one. Paints, TBs, running QHs, followed by all other breeds.
Name of Current Mount: Elvis, Scooter, The Black

If you have any horses, what are their names? Brief descripts. are cool =) : Elvis - 12 yrold APHA Chestnut Tobiano Gelding By War Czech (PT) x Son Socks (QH); Scooter - 12 yrold APHA Red Dun Tobiano Gelding By War Czech (PT) x Melo Lee (PT); The Black - 6 yrold APHA Black Solid Paint-Bred Gelding by Bo Dandi (PT) x Jessies Little Girl (QH); Freedom - 5 yrold JC Chestnut Stallion By Let Freedom Ride x Show Em Irish; Dakota - 12 yrold APHA Chestnut Tobiano Stallion By Shots Flying Spark (PT) x Divi Gals Prize (QH); Ici - 7 yrold AQHA Gray Mare By Pie Island x Gays Blazing; Docboy - 8 yrold APHA Bay Homzygious Tobiano Stallion By Docs Seven Eleven (PT) x Bashful Miss Idaho (PT). There are pics on my web site (which I am working on overhauling, but here it is: )

Bio/Other: I train some, mostly problem solving since where I live people like to hire you to get bucked off so they dont. I'de rather THEY get bucked off and I tell them where it went wrong. XD Although, sometimes i do hands-on, I usually don't get much time with my crew (my mom has three horses too, so yeah.) any ways, I recently got my QH mare, Ici, who is in foal to Freedom, for a running QH. I've done a little of everything: some jumping, but not seriously; speed and playdays, but NEVER barrel racing (elvis hates barrels); and, most of all, my totaly favorite of all time, Team Penning. Best sport ever envented, just ask Elvis. Also have done some ranch work, spent some time at the track a few years ago (thus the TB stally and now running QHs, pluss, the glory of The Black Stallion books has never worn off).
erm.. I like to write, and i draw some, and I do a lot of stuff on the computer (like the Numenor site, I made that, still have finish it tho...) so yeah, thats about it, since i'm more inclined to talk about horses than myself. mwah.
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