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New member; Long time rider

Hi everyone,

My name is Lisetta and I'm new to this community, nice to meet you all.

I live on a 200 acre horse stud in NSW, Australia and I have roughly 32 horses on my property at the moment.

I have ridden both dressage and hacking since I was a very small child and have had extensive wins in both dressage competitions and royal shows.

I have recently started giving riding lessons and occasionally training clients horses.

Sadly I've lost some of my motivation since my main competition/pleasure pony passed away from colic, I still love horses with all my heart and it hurts me badly that I can't have the fun that I used to.. it feels like it's all just work now and I'm hoping that if I associate myself with people who still have the passion and fun that I used to.. that maybe I can get some of it back.

I have many, many photos of my horses; I have mainly warmbloods now but my previous show pony was a Riding Pony x Welshie.

Above and below: Sovereign Min Pin (Robbie)
*Now sadly passed away.

Photos from Sydney Royal Easter Show (Not sure which year, but quite a few ago as I was rather young)

Apptrak Sabrina
This fiery girl runs the stud, she's got the strongest personality I've ever seen in a horse and she isn't afraid to show it.
She has a rather odd liking of having her belly scratched and lifts her back leg up and out like a dog.

Apptrak Kryptic Dream
Kryptic is the newest member of our equine family, he's spunky, adorable and hopefully in time he will be my new dressage star.

My home doubles as a business and my mother and I offer both rider and horse training.

We also offer agistment and a unique barnstay experience (visitors are welcome to bring their horses for the weekend/duration of their stay and we have some lovely bush trails)

If anyone is ever in the Hunter Valley region of Australia we'd love for you to stop by.

Our website is located at

We always welcome visitors, people seeking information or people interested in linking websites.

If you'd like to hear more about any of my horses, like to share stories of your own or just want to chat horse-talk I'd love for you to contact me.. It's very rare I get to chat with horsey people on a casual basis, it's much more fun when it's just chit-chat and not business talk. :)

Look forward to getting to know some of the riders and horse lovers out there.
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Nice to meet you! I live in california and board my arab gelding. Might be buying a TB tomorrow. I mostly pleasure ride at the moment, but am hoping to soon start jumping or eventing lessons.
Nice to meet you too ^^ good luck with your jumping/eventing lessons when you begin them, it's good fun. :D
Thanks! I can't wait!
Hey, im kat and i am 18 and live in utah at the moment but am moving to Texas in less than 15 days. Have been riding for 16 years and my fave is jumping/eventing. want to pursue a career in tx and maybe va when i go back for college. My arab x is turning 16 on the day i move and has joint probs so am sad b/c dont know if i can compete on him. If you have any tips on horsey rehab, who might want an ancient and lame arab w/great personality, or where i could find a good arab sport x for a decent price and some time under saddle, lemme know.
BTW, how old are you?
p.s, LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics!
Nice to meet you ^^ and good luck with your future career.

For your Arab x, before you even think of giving up on him; try a suppliment called Maxiflex. It's worked wonders for some of our horses who we thought could never compete again or even be ridden again.

I'm not sure where you can purchase it overseas but if you can't find it anywhere and would like me to find out for you, just let me know as my mother is rather close with the maker.

I'm 17 and thanks a lot. ^3^
Thanks. nice to meet you, too.
I REALLY dont want to give him up: he's my boy and ive had him for almost four years. I've been doing Smartpack for a few years and its sorta working, plus he gets adequan injections every three months, but whats this maxiflex stuff? Is it for seniors? How much does it cost and what company do you get it from? If they dont sell it over here, id love for you to see if you could get me some, depending on the cost.
You sound a lot older than 17; at first i thought you were older than me, a junior in college maybe, but the i figured you wouldnt be posting on this site.
Thanks for saying hi and replying to me, it kind of seems as if no one wants to talk to me, because generally no one does. I really enjoyed being able to talk to you. Yay!
I've spoken to my mother and they don't sell it outside of Australia at the moment, but they do ship overseas.

Maxiflex is used for joints and arthiritis in horses of all ages, from personal experience it works wonders.

Would you mind sending me an email to so I have your email address to send all the shipping details and costs to? :)

Re: Yay!


January 4 2007, 21:51:38 UTC 11 years ago

My email address is or if for some reason you cannot get me there or would like to cc it to my mother as she will be covering the costs, hers is
Thanks SO much!