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H'okay...seeing as how I'm a maintainer, and a member (the only one so far) I guess I'll start this thread/journal and the idea behind it:

This is for introductions; I've decided to use one single journal entry for it so that they're not all over the place. The number one rule (and only one) of this is that it is for Intros ONLY, and a quick "howdy par'ner!" and question or two. Please, please, please, please no in-depth conversations. E-mail each other, or go to your seperate journals please.

Also, please do not feel that you have to post your real name or age, or any personal information for that matter. A nick name will do, or heck, no name is just fine. I understand that there are privacy issues, so do ont feel presured into posting your realy name. I highly suggest and encourage anyone under the age of 16 to not put personal information her on TRtGEQ, or anywhere on the internet for that matter.
Just copy and paste this small form into your comments:

First/Started riding:
First Mount:
Favourite breed:
Name of Current Mount:
If you have any horses, what are their names? Brief descripts. are cool =) :

(Nick)Name: Heather-Lynn
Age: 18
Country: Canada
First/Started riding: Age 10
First mount: Arabian/Quater Horse cross mare; dapple grey 12 years old
Favourite Breed: Either Kiger Mustang (which I own)
Name of Current Mount: Eyes
If you have any horses, what are their names? Brief descripts are cool =) : I have three horses; two 3 yrs. Keagen is a bay Quater Horse Clysdale cross and is bay. Kira is a dark bay/black (depending on the season) and is a Kiger Mustang/Pony cross. Both are PMU ponies out from Alberta so exact breeding is in question. I have a five yr old as well. Pepper is her name, she used to be a pacer. She's a standard bred and is also a dark bay.

Bio/Other: I started out as a simple back-yard rider, however the lady who taught me to ride, as well as my mom, both agreed that I was a 'natural'. I rode for four years on and off and then hit highschool and then I stopped. A year ago I got a job at a local barn as a simple stable hand, and within a few months I was riding western again as a back up on a cute, but stubborn pony named Hello. As of Novemeber of 2005 I was given the job as a trail-guide and continued to ride western. A show barn came and board some of their horses over at my stable during the winter months so that they could still do their lessons. As of Feburary I started english hunter/jumper and I am in love with it. At first getting posting diagionals was difficult, now I can do them with ease. I'm currently jumping 1 ft jumps and as of last week just started doing courses again.


That's the jist of it people! Please make yourself welcomed. If you have any questions, please drop a line at my LJ!
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