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The Road to Equine Gold [entries|friends|calendar]
The journeys of equine athletes and their riders

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Hi! I realise this place hasn't been updated in a while, but here I am! [04 Apr 2007|09:29pm]

Name: Fiona
Age: 19- 20 in June
Country: USA
First/Started riding: 2 years old- so 18 years ago
First Mount: Tinkerbell- a grey Shetland pony :)
Favourite breed: Irish Sport Horse/ Quarter Horse
Name of Current Mount: Liath Mor (Liam)
If you have any horses, what are their names? Brief descripts. are cool =) : Liam is a 16.2hh grey Irish Sport Horse- we event at Training and are trying to move up to Prelim... it's taking a while...
Bio/Other: Erm... I started riding when I was two, and have gone through a series of about 10 horses, most of them weird hand-me-downs or cheap horses my mother would find. Notably, Reuben was given to us to settle an old board debt, and Terra Cotta we got for $1,000 because you couldn't put a bridle on her. So here I am with Liam, who was a hunt horse in Ireland and had never seen the inside of a ring before until three years ago. Now he does dressage in a loose ring snaffle and I couldn't be happier!
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New member; Long time rider [31 Dec 2006|09:33am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi everyone,

My name is Lisetta and I'm new to this community, nice to meet you all.

I live on a 200 acre horse stud in NSW, Australia and I have roughly 32 horses on my property at the moment.

I have many, many photos of my horses; I have mainly warmbloods now but my previous show pony was a Riding Pony x Welshie.

My home doubles as a business and my mother and I offer both rider and horse training.

We also offer agistment and a unique barnstay experience (visitors are welcome to bring their horses for the weekend/duration of their stay and we have some lovely bush trails)

If anyone is ever in the Hunter Valley region of Australia we'd love for you to stop by.

If you'd like to hear more about any of my horses, like to share stories of your own or just want to chat horse-talk I'd love for you to contact me.. It's very rare I get to chat with horsey people on a casual basis, it's much more fun when it's just chit-chat and not business talk. :)

Look forward to getting to know some of the riders and horse lovers out there.
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Have You Guys Seen This?!!? [25 Dec 2006|01:44am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

BTW, here's the site: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xqvvn_lorenzo
(forgot to poste it in my utter awe)

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Have You Guys Seen This?!!? [25 Dec 2006|01:40am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

I dont know much about it, but Oh My God.

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[01 Aug 2006|11:46pm]

Finally back to riding. I'm riding twice a week (wed/fri) and two horses on each day.

One horse that I'm riding is a 10 year old Hano x TB that I'm riding for the owner because the lady who use to lease the horse is pregnant. They use to be in my Wednesday lessons.. He was..interesting. Didn't quite buck, would just shoot straight up into the air and tuck his legs. :P But I always thought he was a fairly energetic horse - but apparently I was wrong. Rode him for the first time on Friday, and wow, did that horse ever give my legs a workout. He's so unresponsive. Anyways, going to try riding him with a dressage whip tomorrow. Rocky reminds me alot of Snooze, but even worse.

And then the other hrose I'm riding is Stormy! :D He's sound again! I got to ride him on Friday as well..first time I've ridden him since Spruce Meadows!! That was in May. :S He's moving well, and soundly, which is the important thing, but he's sooo tense from having so much time off. I couldn't really do much with him because anything that involved lateral or collecting got him too wound up. So I just did alot of lengthening at the trot, trying to get him to relax. Worked fairly well, he opened up his stride, but was still a pretty tense. He wasn't resisting the contact, but just trying to evade by holding his head in the right position, but not actually connecting with me. So I wanted him to stretch down and into the contact, instead of holding the rigid position in his neck that he was doing. Canter was crazy, so I just kept him on a circle and made him keep cantering until he relaxed.

Lesson tomorrow with Stormy, should be fun!
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Not Working Out [01 Aug 2006|04:46pm]

[ mood | Meh ]

Ever get the feeling that something is trying to tell you not to do something? I'm getting this feeling with riding Beauty, ther perc/througho cross for everytime I'm about to ride her something just happens to make it not possible IE the weather too hot, not enough money, being late for a practice ride.

Which is fine; because I really don't have the money to be riding this horse in lessons nor the experience and it is discouraging me hardcore.

My lessons with Eyes are going very well, and I should be taking my Rider levels over her in Canada soon as I get a membership with the OEF and I can pass it with ease.

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It's so hard to hand the reins over.. [16 Jul 2006|12:06am]

Last week, I was reminded that we are not all invincible, nor do we know everything, no matter how much we would like to think so - especially when it comes to horses.

I have always been the biggest supporter of the idea that to be a good horseman (or woman in my case!), it is important to always learn, always expand, and always be willing to hear someone's opinion or accept a little bit of help...

With that said, some of you know that my six year old APHA mare, Countess Sugar Verse, has been trained 99% by myself. No one has been on her back in a training context (my sister sat on her and I led her around a few weeks ago) in roughly a year, so we have been making lots of progress, I am sticking lots of feathers in my cap and patting my own back often.

This summer alone, she has developed a consistent carriage and headset at the walk and jog but we have yet to master the lope. We spent two long riding seasons at a near standstill while this mare did NOT want to move forward, no matter how much you coaxed, cajoled or sweettalked her, and if you tried to FORCE her (ie a smack with the reins or across the arse with the lungeline), she would act up. It was a huge battle to get her to WALK FORWARD in the beginning but now her upward transitions toward walk and jog are wonderful, it's just the lope.

I have been trying with minimal success to get a lope out of her - we have been able to get six or seven steps (on the correct lead) and even up to about half a circle's worth of a lope but not much more than that. I finally was convinced by my mother (also my trainer and the person who has trained all of our horses) that she would hop up on her one night when Angel was really "trying" me, and she was able to get several circles out of her at the lope, on the correct lead. The mare needs some time to balance herself out, but we are beginning to make progress again. It's hard for me to admit that maybe the mare needed a different touch, a different handler to "convince" her..
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"Beauty" [07 Jul 2006|10:52pm]

Well I was sore yesterday and a bit today; I was asked to ride this 17 hand (maybe more) percheron/throughbred cross mare for 6 weeks because this lady's daughter is going out west. Needless to say I was all over it because mine aren't rideable and I need to exercise myself. Walk and trot are fine with this horse (She's got a big feel to her) , and my gosh, Eyes won't know what hit him with how much stronger my legs are once I really start riding this horse (Beauty) because you need a LOT of leg for this beast.

Anyways, as I was saying, walk and trot went beautifully but my favourite gait (canter) didn't. Because this horse has such a big stride and I'm not used to it, and I also have to pretty much ride 90% of the time with legs on, I bruised my inner-thigh/groin area really harshly.

I'm going to feel it especially tomorrow with my trail rides.
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hi ya [05 Jul 2006|02:13am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Nick(Name: (joanna) Jo I'm primagina on EQ
Age: 17
Country: USA
First/Started riding: 8 years ago
First Mount: ELVIS!
Favourite breed: I cant pick just one. Paints, TBs, running QHs, followed by all other breeds.
Name of Current Mount: Elvis, Scooter, The Black

If you have any horses, what are their names? Brief descripts. are cool =) : Elvis - 12 yrold APHA Chestnut Tobiano Gelding By War Czech (PT) x Son Socks (QH); Scooter - 12 yrold APHA Red Dun Tobiano Gelding By War Czech (PT) x Melo Lee (PT); The Black - 6 yrold APHA Black Solid Paint-Bred Gelding by Bo Dandi (PT) x Jessies Little Girl (QH); Freedom - 5 yrold JC Chestnut Stallion By Let Freedom Ride x Show Em Irish; Dakota - 12 yrold APHA Chestnut Tobiano Stallion By Shots Flying Spark (PT) x Divi Gals Prize (QH); Ici - 7 yrold AQHA Gray Mare By Pie Island x Gays Blazing; Docboy - 8 yrold APHA Bay Homzygious Tobiano Stallion By Docs Seven Eleven (PT) x Bashful Miss Idaho (PT). There are pics on my web site (which I am working on overhauling, but here it is: http://www.freewebs.com/numenorfarms )

Bio/Other: I train some, mostly problem solving since where I live people like to hire you to get bucked off so they dont. I'de rather THEY get bucked off and I tell them where it went wrong. XD Although, sometimes i do hands-on, I usually don't get much time with my crew (my mom has three horses too, so yeah.) any ways, I recently got my QH mare, Ici, who is in foal to Freedom, for a running QH. I've done a little of everything: some jumping, but not seriously; speed and playdays, but NEVER barrel racing (elvis hates barrels); and, most of all, my totaly favorite of all time, Team Penning. Best sport ever envented, just ask Elvis. Also have done some ranch work, spent some time at the track a few years ago (thus the TB stally and now running QHs, pluss, the glory of The Black Stallion books has never worn off).
erm.. I like to write, and i draw some, and I do a lot of stuff on the computer (like the Numenor site, I made that, still have finish it tho...) so yeah, thats about it, since i'm more inclined to talk about horses than myself. mwah.

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40-50 minute lesson! [04 Jul 2006|11:56pm]

Holy smokes, I haven't had my lower back hurt from jumping in ages. I'm now getting 40-50 minute lessons while all I'm paying for is half an hour, which I'm not complaining about. I have a feeling that its because I ride my bike (usually, not yesterday) to the place which is a good 30 minute ride (and I'm not farting along, I'm flying).

Anyways, my lesson was yesterday and I did approximately 15 minutes of ground work (working on my hand position, as well as 'closing my fingers' and leg positions) and then another 30 mins of straight jumping a small x to a 1ft crossrail and then for the last few minutes added a wall, as well as two jumps without strips. Eyes has an extremely bouncy trot, so I wrapped my legs around (accidently with my heels up -tisks-) his barrel and he ended up cantering -chuckles- I must have looked hilarious. My instructor told me all we really need to work on is getting me tighter with my form, and stronger, and then we can start doing real courses.

Anyways, I didn't feel my lesson until this morning when I woke up.
I'm sure its happened to all of you; So when's the last time you REALLY felt a ride you had either that day, or later that week?
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Intro [04 Jul 2006|12:18pm]

Nick(Name): Cory
Age: 19
Country: Canada
First/Started riding: Approx. 8 years old.
First Mount: First horse I ever sat on was a TB at the track. The pony I rode in my very first lesson was a little grey welsh pony by the name of Tweety Pye.
Favourite breed: TBs and WBs
Name of Current Mount: Hmm, no current mount at the moment. Horse I use to ride was Secret Storm (Stormy) but he's lame (but possibly better now). Last horse I rode was Levi..next horse I ride? Who knows!
If you have any horses, what are their names? Brief descripts. are cool =) : Don't own any horses.

Bio/Other: My dad use to train racehorses, so I'd always go down to the track when I was younger. Then, when my sister always went to ranches, I would insist on doing the pony rides. When I was 8 years old, my parents put me in riding lessons, but only like, once a month. Started riding once a week, then twice a week, but after four years of riding at the same place, I didn't really learn much. So I changed coaches, to someone my dad use to know at the track. I started riding with her around when I was 12, and have been with her ever since. I show hunter/jumper, in the local A and B rated circuits, but this year traveled out of the province to go show at Spruce Meadows. I've never owned my own horse. I either lease horses, or ride my coach's sales horses. It's hard, because I'm always switching horses, but by riding so many different types of horses, it makes me a better rider. I mainly show in jumpers, but might have a chance to show in the medals later on in the year.
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My Intro [04 Jul 2006|11:02am]

Nick(Name: Rosie or Skatepixie. People also call me Pixie or even Pix. Whatever you want is fine.
Age: 18
Country: USA
First/Started riding: I did western when I was 5-6 years old. I just started English a few weeks ago
First Mount: Various horses at the ranch where I rode Western. The one horse I clearly remember was one I didnt get to ride much. He was a Palomino named John John. He was like 35 at the time, and he was still ridden and all. He was my trainer's first horse.
Favourite breed: Thoroughbred, esp Chestnut ones
Name of Current Mount: Charles. He's a chestnut TB gelding with 4 white socks and a blaze.
If you have any horses, what are their names? Brief descripts. are cool =) : Ive never owned a horse. I want to someday though.
Bio/Other: I live in Northern California, but I'm moving to Orange County next month. I figure skate and ride. With riding I want to get into showjumping and hunters. Other than that, I don't know what to say.
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[03 Jul 2006|08:04pm]

Nick(Name): Void or L.Williams
Age: 20, 21 in Sept
Country: USA, California
First/Started riding: age 11.
First Mount: Quarab Gelding, Chestnut, 2 stockings and a stripe, flaxen mane and tail, named Orion, former Endurance horse.
Favourite breed: Kisber Felver and Holsteiner
Name of Current Mount: SueÑo - barn name Carlos
If you have any horses, what are their names? Brief descripts. are cool =) : My first horse was a brown Thoroughbred gelding named Richie, 2 white socks and a star, formally abused took me through my Junior Hunters and I started doing Equitation on him. My second horse was a grey CMK arabian gelding named Amerikesh, from the Aurab sire line. We did hunters for like 2 shows and went on to Jumpers because he was a tight jumper and a speed demon. My vet actually bred him :)My third horse was a chestnut thoroughbred gelding named Talk of the Town aka Gabbi.He was retired this past winter. SueÑo is a bay thoroughbred gelding (recently) 2 white socks no other markings, he's 6yos. And I'm showing him primarily Hunters and Equitation this is his first year showing.

Bio/Other: I wanted a horse as far back as I could remember but my family was too poor to get one. Finally after years and years and years of hardwork, my mom got promoted and she offered my riding lessons with her co-worker, they were an hour and a half private lessons for 25 bucks. A steal! I rode dressage with Jean for 2-3 years. Eventually I outgrew her gelding and after being thrown and trambled by her young green mare, I really had no horses left to ride. (I was scared to death of that mare) so I changed barns and started riding with Irene, her parents rode, show, bred and taught, each of her sisters rode, showed, bred and taught. Her niece is Lauren Hough, Olympic rider for the US. Anyways I've been riding with Irene and her sister Celia (when University is in) for almost 7 years. I've been training horses with Irene for 5. and showing for 6. Right now I ride primarily A'A and A'0 when I have a horse, and mainly do Hunters and Equitation. I have 3 shows left for summer and in the Fall I start riding IHSA again.
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Introductions [03 Jul 2006|01:02pm]

H'okay...seeing as how I'm a maintainer, and a member (the only one so far) I guess I'll start this thread/journal and the idea behind it:

This is for introductions; I've decided to use one single journal entry for it so that they're not all over the place. The number one rule (and only one) of this is that it is for Intros ONLY, and a quick "howdy par'ner!" and question or two. Please, please, please, please no in-depth conversations. E-mail each other, or go to your seperate journals please.

Also, please do not feel that you have to post your real name or age, or any personal information for that matter. A nick name will do, or heck, no name is just fine. I understand that there are privacy issues, so do ont feel presured into posting your realy name. I highly suggest and encourage anyone under the age of 16 to not put personal information her on TRtGEQ, or anywhere on the internet for that matter.
Just copy and paste this small form into your comments:

First/Started riding:
First Mount:
Favourite breed:
Name of Current Mount:
If you have any horses, what are their names? Brief descripts. are cool =) :
And onto the intros!Collapse )
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The beginning [03 Jul 2006|11:59am]

I'll be updating layouts and stuff now!

Go ahead and join
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