Heather (ajnih) wrote in theroadtogoldeq,

40-50 minute lesson!

Holy smokes, I haven't had my lower back hurt from jumping in ages. I'm now getting 40-50 minute lessons while all I'm paying for is half an hour, which I'm not complaining about. I have a feeling that its because I ride my bike (usually, not yesterday) to the place which is a good 30 minute ride (and I'm not farting along, I'm flying).

Anyways, my lesson was yesterday and I did approximately 15 minutes of ground work (working on my hand position, as well as 'closing my fingers' and leg positions) and then another 30 mins of straight jumping a small x to a 1ft crossrail and then for the last few minutes added a wall, as well as two jumps without strips. Eyes has an extremely bouncy trot, so I wrapped my legs around (accidently with my heels up -tisks-) his barrel and he ended up cantering -chuckles- I must have looked hilarious. My instructor told me all we really need to work on is getting me tighter with my form, and stronger, and then we can start doing real courses.

Anyways, I didn't feel my lesson until this morning when I woke up.
I'm sure its happened to all of you; So when's the last time you REALLY felt a ride you had either that day, or later that week?
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