Heather (ajnih) wrote in theroadtogoldeq,


Well I was sore yesterday and a bit today; I was asked to ride this 17 hand (maybe more) percheron/throughbred cross mare for 6 weeks because this lady's daughter is going out west. Needless to say I was all over it because mine aren't rideable and I need to exercise myself. Walk and trot are fine with this horse (She's got a big feel to her) , and my gosh, Eyes won't know what hit him with how much stronger my legs are once I really start riding this horse (Beauty) because you need a LOT of leg for this beast.

Anyways, as I was saying, walk and trot went beautifully but my favourite gait (canter) didn't. Because this horse has such a big stride and I'm not used to it, and I also have to pretty much ride 90% of the time with legs on, I bruised my inner-thigh/groin area really harshly.

I'm going to feel it especially tomorrow with my trail rides.
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