liath_mor (liath_mor) wrote in theroadtogoldeq,

Hi! I realise this place hasn't been updated in a while, but here I am!

Name: Fiona
Age: 19- 20 in June
Country: USA
First/Started riding: 2 years old- so 18 years ago
First Mount: Tinkerbell- a grey Shetland pony :)
Favourite breed: Irish Sport Horse/ Quarter Horse
Name of Current Mount: Liath Mor (Liam)
If you have any horses, what are their names? Brief descripts. are cool =) : Liam is a 16.2hh grey Irish Sport Horse- we event at Training and are trying to move up to Prelim... it's taking a while...
Bio/Other: Erm... I started riding when I was two, and have gone through a series of about 10 horses, most of them weird hand-me-downs or cheap horses my mother would find. Notably, Reuben was given to us to settle an old board debt, and Terra Cotta we got for $1,000 because you couldn't put a bridle on her. So here I am with Liam, who was a hunt horse in Ireland and had never seen the inside of a ring before until three years ago. Now he does dressage in a loose ring snaffle and I couldn't be happier!
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